kevin_tailgateKevin Unger, CEO of Poudre Valley Hospital and Medical Center of the Rockies, is our fearless UCHealth leader here in northern Colorado and his roots in this community run deep – so deep, in fact, that he was actually born at PVH! Kevin is a graduate of Colorado State University, began working for University of Colorado Hospital in 1997, and has been a foundation donor since joining Poudre Valley Health System in 2001. He recently took some time out of his head-spinningly busy schedule to chat with us as we celebrate our 40th anniversary this year.

1. How does UCHealth benefit the northern Colorado region? UCHealth’s facilities improve healthcare in Northern Colorado, Longmont, Colorado Springs, and Metro Denver. The growing team of talented providers are ready to address every health need for the patients of the organization.

2. What kinds of challenges does Poudre Valley Hospital face in today’s healthcare landscape? A shift towards outpatient services can be difficult for any organization. Patient-centric care is becoming more important and less medical work is actually being done within the walls of UCHealth’s facilities.

3. What’s the most meaningful part of your job? I round regularly early in the morning to meet face-to-face with patients, it’s one of my favorite elements of the job. I truly enjoy interacting with employees and patients on a daily basis.

4. What is the most difficult part of your position? I wish I could be everywhere at once. I would love to be everywhere all the time. But, our region spans beyond our hometowns into neighboring states and it’s my responsibility to keep us all connected.

5. What do you think of the PVH and MCR Foundation and their impact on philanthropy within the culture of UCHealth? The foundation does great work for the culture within the organization with projects such as the Cancer Center, the Children’s Clinic, and the Blood Bus campaign. Employee giving and the foundation scholarship program display how committed the foundation is to the progressive development of the organization and its employees.