UCHealth employee giving


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Making a payroll deduction gift as a UCHealth employee is a very easy way to support the patients, programs, and employees of UCHealth in northern Colorado that UCHealth Northern Colorado Foundation funds support.

For less than a cup of coffee a day, you can grow your impact far beyond your daily work by giving $5, $10, $20, or more from each paycheck. A $10 two-week pay period gift amounts to $260 per year in impact to the fund of your choice.

At UCHealth in northern Colorado, we support and celebrate the generosity of our employees. Giving isn’t just something we do; it’s who we are. PVH, MCR, and Greeley Hospital match every $2 donated by employees with $1 to the same fund, extending the impact and voice of employee generosity.

Your contribution adds up

Donating as few as $10 per pay period makes a difference. A $10 payroll deduction equates to: 

  • Funding over 1/2 of a scholarship award for a UCHealth employee who is pursuing further education
  • 1 person in our community would have access to fresh produce every week via the FMC Food Pantry
  • Helping UCHealth stay prepared to take on whatever challenge we confront next, no matter what it is or when or where it happens within our community via the Greatest Need fund

How to give

To get started with your payroll or PTO donation, visit the UCHealth Employee Giving website and select Northern Colorado Foundation with your donation.

What to know about your donation

All gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Employee gifts made via payroll deduction are shown on employee pay stubs. Each pay stub in Lawson shows individual payroll contributions during that pay period. The year-end pay stub includes a cumulative record of all gifts during that year and can be used for tax purposes.

Gifts made by cash, check, or credit card will result in a paper receipt and will not be included on your employee pay stub.

PTO is processed as a PTO payout, not compensation, so it is taxed at the rate of 25% federal and 4.63% state. Payroll calculates those taxes and reduces the amount that is actually given to the foundation so that the employee is not short on their regular pay because of the additional taxes. The donated PTO shows up as a deduction on the employee paycheck and is a separate item from any other donations.