On September 28, 2021, UCHealth Northern Colorado Foundation presented The Multidisciplinary Care of the Cancer Patient, featuring three speakers from the UCHealth Cancer Center – Harmony Campus: oncologist Dr. Diana Medgyesy, oncology nurse navigator Jamie Callahan, and regional manager of supportive oncology services Jonathan Salazar.

Multidisciplinary care (MDC) is an integrated team approach to health care in which medical and other health care professionals collaboratively develop an individual treatment plan for each patient. MDC delivers the best possible treatment while empowering patients and helping them maintain their quality of life. MDC involves a range of specialists, including physicians, imaging technicians, nurses, nurse navigators, genetic counselors, social workers, physical therapists, nutritionists, pharmacists, and more.

Watch this video to learn how a multidisciplinary approach to cancer care contributes to more successful outcomes and higher survival rates.

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