Funds raised at our 2019 Spring Benefit, to advance local medical research, are being used to help COVID-19 patients.

“There are many unknowns surrounding COVID-19, but data is now becoming available regarding the physiologic response to this illness,” said Dr. Julie Dunn, director of trauma research at UCHealth Medical Center of the Rockies. One such response is blood clotting that impacts organ function.

Dunn and her team are studying this phenomenon. They are evaluating clotting factors and using thromboelastography—a method of testing the efficiency of blood coagulation—to better understand the clotting issues and to guide patient care.

When the foundation featured local medical research as the beneficiary of last year’s Spring Benefit, no one knew that a pandemic was coming. The research into COVID-19–related blood clots shows how your generosity enables our community’s doctors to respond to unforeseen events and stay on the leading edge of medicine. During this pandemic and always, knowledge and medical advancement are the keys to helping save lives.

Dr. Julie Dunn is a clinical researcher at UCHealth.