Improvements are underway at the UCHealth Harmony Campus, where we’re expanding our cancer center to provide our patients more innovative treatment.

Donor contributions helped to build the cancer center, which opened its doors in 2014. Philanthropy continues to support cancer research and treatment as well as to provide financial assistance for cancer patients in need.

Thick, concrete walls are being installed to accommodate the center’s third linear accelerator. This machine delivers ionizing radiation beams to the body with pinpoint accuracy, using high-energy waves to damage cancer cells and destroy their ability to grow.

The new linear accelerator is expected to arrive in spring, with plans to begin treating patients in summer 2021. Several technological advancements will accompany the expansion. These include the Varian IDENTIFY system to be offered on the linear accelerators.

This involves the installation of optical cameras using surface recognition technology, similar to that used in smartphones and tablets for facial recognition. The technology will support patient and device identification. It also will achieve accurate and reproducible patient positioning for treatment, and to then monitor the patient position throughout the delivery of treatment to ensure accurate treatment delivery.