As the world faces a pandemic, our community is coming together to address an unprecedented challenge unlike anything most of us have ever seen.

Neighbors are helping neighbors. Pharmacies and grocery stores are staying open to serve the public, and their employees are working tirelessly to stock and deliver essentials. On social media, messages of gratitude and hope abound. People are sharing ways to cope, through virtual fitness and meditation classes, video church services, and more.

On the front lines, we have our health care workers. UCHealth has experience dealing with infectious diseases, and our experts have trained for years to keep our facilities and our community safe. These health care professionals are on the forefront of the pandemic, helping northern Colorado residents navigate this crisis.

Our health care heroes are committed to providing excellent and safe care for all of our patients, including those fighting a COVID-19 infection. Please read these stories to learn about ways you can support these workers and play a part in helping fight the pandemic:


In this uncertain era new to all of us, we at UCHealth Northern Colorado Foundation are sending our best wishes to you. We hope you and your families are safe and well. We encourage you to take the time for a walk in the sunshine, a call with a good friend, or one small thing that brings you hope and calm in these stressful times.

Erica Siemers
Regional Executive Director
UCHealth Northern Colorado Foundation

Around the world, COVID-19 is bringing individuals, businesses and organizations together to combat the pandemic. We welcome our community’s partnership in addressing this health crisis. You can help support our health care heroes’ efforts by making a gift to our COVID-19 emergency relief funds. Click the image to learn more and donate.