UCHealth wants you to know that it is safe to see your provider. Our primary care, urgent care, specialty clinics and hospitals are open. As we schedule appointments, we’re taking every precaution possible to ensure it’s safe to see your doctor while receiving the highest level of care. Find out how we’re keeping our patients safe.

► Routine or non-urgent visits. Depending on your condition and symptoms, our scheduling staff will coordinate with the clinic’s medical team to determine if it is best to have an in-person visit or conduct your appointment by Virtual Visit. In many cases, our providers can meet with you through Virtual Visit and provide you with a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. If an in-person follow-up appointment or referral to a specialist is needed, our staff will help coordinate this for you. Start here to schedule an appointment.

► Urgent or emergency medical needs. Delaying care for an emergency medical condition can be dangerous. Our hospitals, emergency rooms and urgent cares are safe, so please don’t hesitate to get the right care when you have a serious medical emergency or need to be seen at an urgent care clinic. Start here to find urgent or emergency care near you.

► Medically necessary procedures and surgeries. UCHealth has a team of medical experts who have created a plan to slowly and safely begin to offer non-emergency surgeries, beginning with patients who have the most urgent needs. For one patient whose surgery was postponed when stay-at-home orders took effect in March, the resumption of medically necessary surgeries means relief from excruciating back pain. Lori Hopper’s operation was scheduled for the day after surgeries resumed, which was April 27. Hopper has full confidence in the safety of the hospitals. Read Hopper’s story here.