Investing in your community’s health is not only possible, it’s easy to do with a beneficiary designation. Just name UCHealth Northern Colorado Foundation as a beneficiary to receive a percentage of your assets such as retirement plans and life insurance policies after you’re gone. You simply fill out a beneficiary form that is entirely separate from your will. In fact, many of our legacy donors who have identified UCHealth Northern Colorado Foundation as a beneficiary do not have a will.

Not only is a beneficiary designation an easy way to give, it’s also revocable and flexible—you aren’t locked into the choices you make today. You can review and easily adjust beneficiary designations anytime you want.

Your gift can support innovative medical research and education, patient financial assistance, community health programs, and enhancements to patient care right here in northern Colorado. Learn more about how gift planning can provide support to ensure that health care in our community is great now and into the future.