Ruthie Weyant, MSN, RN, CCRN-CMC, works at UCHealth Medical Center of the Rockies and is a past scholarship recipient and current foundation donor. She believes in education as a stepping stone.

In 2005, Weyant was raising her children and pursuing her master’s degree in nursing. She received three scholarships from UCHealth Northern Colorado Foundation, and she was grateful—aware that she would not have been able to attend her MSN program if she did not have the scholarship money to supplement her single-parent income.

“I was very appreciative of the financial assistance I received from the foundation scholarship program,” Weyant said. “I called UCHealth Northern Colorado Foundation to explore ways I could ‘pay it forward’ when I completed my education. I found out it was an easy process to create my own scholarship. I started my scholarship fund in 2010, donating to it regularly. Since then, each year some funds have been awarded out of my scholarship, and some funds have been kept back to accumulate with the goal of saving enough to create an endowed scholarship.

“In late 2021, enough funds accrued to endow the scholarship, and it is now the gift that keeps on giving! Through the interest income it earns, the scholarship will provide payouts into perpetuity. My scholarship is called the Ruthie Ann Weyant ‘CAN-DO’ Scholarship—because if I can do it, you can do it.”

Anyone can donate to our nursing and employee education scholarship fund—or establish an endowed scholarship to honor a person or cause of their choice. To learn more, visit our scholarship page or contact the foundation’s scholarship administrator, Lyndsey Hertz, 970.237.7408.