Eve McCormackLocal realtor Eve McCormack has a very special way of supporting the PVH and MCR Foundation. At each closing, the RE/Max Alliance broker makes a donation from her commissions to the Oncology Patient and Family Support Fund. This fund helps cancer patients who demonstrate financial need to cover treatment expenses and/or additional resources to maintain their lives through treatment and return to normal life once treatment is finished.

Eve first learned about the Oncology Patient and Family Support Fund in 2013 when her longtime hairdresser was diagnosed with breast cancer. While receiving treatment through UCHealth she was identified as eligible for resources from the fund by one of our tremendous patient navigators. “It helped her so much having somebody holding her hand through such a traumatic experience. It helped her get through it.” A cancer diagnosis is enough to turn your world upside down, but unfortunately the day-to-day bills don’t stop piling up. The UCHealth Cancer Center supports patients in every aspect of their care, including helping them navigate the financial hurdles that accompany their diagnosis.

After seeing the difference that resources from this fund made in the life of her friend, Eve knew she wanted to learn more. By giving to this specific fund her dollars are able to have a tremendous impact on the patient experience for people right here in the community, a community she cares deeply about. In addition to being a full-time realtor Eve also hosts monthly business mixers for her clients and friends to facilitate communication across industries and build strong community connections. Having been in the northern Colorado community since 2001 she understands the unique factors that make our area such an amazing place to live, work, and raise a family. Before landing in Colorado Eve served in the United States Air Force and spent many years as a paralegal. She and her husband have been married for 33 years and have two sons. Every month or so, Eve stops into our foundation office with a check from her recent closings and we get a chance to hear the latest news from her busy world. Her recurring donations have built a community of their own. And of course, the dollars she donates from her closings are being recycled back into the broader community, touching dozens of lives and helping our UCHealth Cancer Center patients through some of their most difficult days. When asked why she started, and continues, to make these generous donations Eve says simply: “I could make a difference.”

We are so grateful to donors like Eve who choose to support the health of our community!