The generosity of private donors and community business partners, as well as many of our fellow employees, has enabled us to award more than $390,000 in scholarships to 334 UCHealth employees since 2010.

Scholarships are one of the most potent ways to invest in a community, and such educational assistance has a multiplier effect. Scholarships help our employees gain new skills and knowledge, which they use to provide outstanding care for the thousands of patients whose lives they touch.

Pam, a recent donor, believes strongly in the importance of scholarships for health care employees.

“I gave to the employee scholarship fund so that individuals can continue to further their education in the medical field. It is my belief that we need to continue to see more nurses, as well as every single medical professional, trained for the future,” Pam said. “Certainly, this virus situation has demonstrated how important it is to support those who choose this vocation and career.”

Learn more about our scholarship program by watching the video here on this page. To donate, please visit and select “Nursing and Employee Education.”

Read about the lasting legacy of one of our endowed scholarships, the Richard G. Titus Scholarship. If you are interested in establishing a specific scholarship fund in honor of a person or health care cause, please reach out to us.

Scholarship founders and recipients discuss the impact and importance of giving and receiving scholarships.