We want to thank our community for donations that have helped us to provide critical medical care during the COVID-19 pandemic. From funding vital research to helping care for our staff to procuring crucial equipment, these funds are having a huge impact on the fight against the pandemic.

Supporting important local research
Funds raised are being used to help support a COVID-19 biobank study. A team of scientists and clinicians at CSU and UCHealth is collaborating on a biobank project to collect biological samples that will be used for future research on COVID-19. The biobank will also serve as a registry that documents how people react to being infected with SARS-CoV2 and how the human body fights the illness.

This team will investigate different hypotheses with the collected samples, such as antibody testing, immune profiling and microbiota analyses after infection. The information gathered will lead to a better understanding of how SARS-CoV2 affects the human body and how the body fights the virus. This knowledge can help in development of vaccines and novel treatments.

Helping with staff resilience
During this latest surge, escalating patient volumes mean extra shifts and overtime for our staff, putting a strain on these workers. Through donor generosity, we are providing vouchers to these individuals for take-home family meals from local restaurants.

An RN at Greeley Hospital wrote a note of thanks.

“Please accept my sincere gratitude on behalf of Greeley Hospital’s Inpatient Team for the generous meal gift cards for our front-line staff. They have worked tirelessly for quite some time, first opening the Greeley Hospital and now through the pandemic. As I was handing out some of the gifts today, our team was so very appreciative and recognized the effort that was put forth to provide this to them.”

Procuring essential equipment
Recently, dollars from our Greatest Needs Fund were used to purchase virtual technology for Poudre Valley Hospital’s (PVH’s) new Progressive Care Unit (PCU). The cameras enable us to provide an extra level of care for severely ill patients, keeping them connected to a team of ICU nurses on the Peoria campus of University of Colorado Hospital.

“We could not be more grateful for this technology, which came just in time for the second COVID surge,” said Julie Nunley, PVH’s Chief Nursing Officer. “My gratitude during this difficult time for your generosity, which has enabled us to care for our critically ill community and patients from around the state.”

As the surge in COVID-19 hospitalizations continues, we continuously adapt our hospital units to accommodate more COVID-19 patients. Rooms are double occupancy, and units are being repurposed to accommodate critically ill patients.

Donations to our COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund were used recently to purchase an additional medication-dispensing machine required on one of these expanded units at Medical Center of the Rockies (MCR). The Pyxis MedStation makes medication management more efficient for staff.

Jessie Willard, MCR’s Chief Nursing Officer, said, “Oftentimes, higher-acuity patients require additional medications. Having this additional medication storage is invaluable in enabling us to expand the space and beds available to care for this higher-acuity population. I’m so appreciative of all the support we get and the amazing communities we serve.”

Your support matters
Your gift will enable UCHealth to enhance and accelerate our work to:

► Advance the excellent patient care for which we are known.
► Support our employees as they care for our community.
► Continue to conduct innovative research and launch new treatments.
► Train the future leaders of the medical field.
► Meet head-on any future emergencies as they develop.

Donating is quick and easy via our online donation form. Thank you.