Dollars from our cancer center and oncology services fund are paying for education to expand the expertise of oncology rehabilitation staff. The training will help meet the increasing need for pelvic floor therapy services.

“Pelvic rehabilitation has changed my life,” a survivor of colorectal cancer said. She received therapy at the UCHealth Cancer Center – Harmony Campus Wellness Place. “Before, I had lots of accidents with regard to bowel movements,” the patient said. “Sometimes I had to wear diapers. I missed out on many family activities as well as my girls’ sports because I couldn’t control my movements. I thought the rest of my life (I’m 45) would be like this, but now I have freedom to LIVE! Thank you for changing my life.”

Pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) is common in gynecological, breast, prostate and other cancer survivors. Types of PFD include urinary incontinence, rectal incontinence, vaginal stenosis and sexual dysfunction including pain with intercourse. These physical conditions also lead to high levels of stress and anxiety, which can affect treatment outcomes.

Pelvic floor rehabilitation is a relatively new and innovative therapy that can improve or resolve PFD in cancer patients. This therapy can be performed by physical therapists or occupational therapists with advanced training. Thanks to philanthropic support, an additional therapist on the oncology rehabilitation staff will have this training.

Supporting continual, innovative education for our providers enhances the care they deliver to our northern Colorado community—and is one of the many ways your generosity helps us improve lives.